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After obtaining a BA in Directing and Scriptwriting, Gaby Milky went on to receive local and international awards for his animated short films. His reputation as an Experimental Animation Artist drove him to pursue his studies in the UK, obtaining an MA in Performance and Multimedia from Loughborough University. Currently a member of Loughborough's Animation Academy, and residing in Lebanon, he is a Drama and Motivational High School Teacher and Scriptwriting Lecturer at Notre Dame University, Lebanon. Whilst admiring old-school animations, his love of the field of research enables him to mix the old and the new, thus creating hybrid animations. Through campaigns, ads and film festivals, and while working in the industry for 6 years, Gaby has gained valuable experience in Storytelling, Directing, Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, 2D Animation, Digital Puppetry, Acting for Animation, Stop-motion Animation, and Live-action Shorts. In addition to the professional skills demonstrated, Gaby has strong communication skills, owing to his status as a multilingual individual (English, Arabic, Wolof, and basic French). He is confident to be making a significant contribution to the diverse cultures of the world.

Gaby Milky